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Now your broadcast will be lightning-fast, crystal-clear, and silk-smooth


Why you should choose us?

Competitive Rates

for high quality live streaming solutions.

Customized Live-Streaming Solutions

so that you successfully connect with your audience and achieve what you aimed for.

White Label Solutions

so you can stream your videos live under your own brand name

3+ Simultaneous Screens

to let you live-stream your videos and events on different platforms to connect with a wider audience.

Complete Design Solutions

for a 360-degree experience.

Digital Advertising

to promote your favourite brands through in-built digital advertising space.

White Label

In the world of live streaming, white label video streaming refers to broadcasting videos and events under your own logo and brand name without any links that lead back to the provider’s page. Your Live Streaming empowers your brand with it’s white label-video streaming solutions. Our white label video streaming platform provide clean and professional video streaming, flexibility for branding, and video monetization.

Your Live Streaming does not ‘own’ your content unlike many providers in the industry. Our platform is free of YLS logos and ads that interfere in your viewers’ experiences. What you have is a completely customized and brand-controlled live streaming platform.


Technical Assistance

Whether you are new to live streaming or a pro, our technical support team is always available to offer quick solutions in case you stumble upon any technical issues. We understand there are other important things for you to manage so we take the responsibility to solve any technical concerns that come across.

Our workshops train you in everything you need to know about live streaming. We help you understand the live streaming environment, what to expect from the sessions, and how to maximize your output and make your live streaming event a success.

Our technical support team also offers workflow consultations to help you plan every part of your event in advance so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises and avoid chaos.

  • Easy set-up even if you don’t have any technical knowledge. Simply plug-in and go live.
  • Low Latency Rate so you can experience real-time, uninterrupted streaming. Our live streaming runs on an independent, latency, streaming infrastructure ensuring low latency.
  • Enhanced Privacy Features like private live and VOD galleries, geo-blocking, and IP Restrictions. This includes a 95.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Comprehensive Support by a dedicated account manager providing end-to-end technical assistance for hassle-free integrations.
  • Auto Scalable to ensure uninterrupted live-streaming through cloud servers like Amazon & Microsoft Azure
  • Low Paywall Charges to promote your digital content in search and social media


Are you busy analyzing which streaming destination will help you access a wider audience. Well, why not stream to multiple sites?
Multistreaming is streaming a live video or event on multiple platforms simultaneously. Multistreaming maximizes your chances to attract a wider audience and exposes you to new audiences. With Yourlivestreaming, you can stream your content live on more than 3 platforms simultaneously. For instance, you can stream your concert in real-time to your YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, and Instagram accounts using Yourlivestreaming.

Digital Impact

Live Chat

Our live chat feature allows you to connect with your viewers in real time. Live chat feature is essential to provide better support to your audience, convert leads, and extend all types of support. Positive and direct engagement with viewers enhances viewer experiences and ensures customer satisfaction. Your viewers are definitely going to be your lifetime audience.

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