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At Fund My Deal, we provide financial support to small businesses to offset the adverse impact of the market. We help startups transform their ideas into tangible products and services. Aspiring entrepreneurs shouldn’t hold back their ideas and innovation just because of monetary limitations. We value ideas, innovation, passion, and zeal.


We are ready to take the risks that come with establishing or rebuilding businesses while giving owners complete control of their teams, business strategies, and intellectual property. We’re not interested in driving the direction of your company; in fact, our goal is to align your vision with our funding partners. From R&D to material supplies to employee wages to marketing costs, you can use funding for any item you believe is essential for your business to run.


We have designed comprehensive funding programs that will suit your requirements whether you are about to start your business, rebuild it, or take it to the next level. Entrepreneurs who don’t have rich benefactors or outsized savings, resort to 2 options: taking out equity or taking on debt. Both options are known to burden entrepreneurs who, eventually, get tangled in these financial nets instead of focusing on generating the cashflow for  their business.


That’s why entrepreneurs should consider funding options before making a choice. We believe that a trustworthy lender will be a best friend to business owners who need fuel to kick start their businesses.


Traditional banking institutions have major constraints on the small business lending market. With our financial solutions, we ensure your business touches new heights of success.

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